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For Women's Artistic Gymnastics
(Version L, Feb. 2019)
GSL WAG - User's Guide


GymScoreLite MAG 2015
 FOR MEN ( Updated: Jan. 26, 2015)
  Includes Score Calculation Checking
  & Canadian Physical Ability


About GymScoreLite ...
Results of MAG & WAG Gymnastic Meets

Works with MAC & WIN using Excel 2010 or later.

Great for most typical club gymnastic meets...

Produces judging sheets, program inserts, order of competitors,
& of course all around, event, & team results.
- Parent friendly, easy to use
- Inepensive, needs just one computer & printer
- Compact, easy to read results
- Convenient sorting and calculations, etc
- AA summary and event winner reports, showing ranks
- Optional columns for year of birth and city of gymnasts
- Both (D/E) codes or SV for compulsories or J-O

- Shortcuts for setting up rotations and other pages
- Automatically prepare results sheets for each category
- Auto generate lists for teams
- 2 methods for ties (skip or don't skip ranks)
- Team calculations for best N scores per event
    (Up to 24 teams with up to 16 gymnasts per team)
- Awards for reaching achievement levels

- Extra groups for byes with large sessions
- Up to 15 gymnasts per group
- Font-independant large ID numbers

MAG program includes new GCG Physical Abilty scoring for AA

Requires Excel 2010(WIN) or Excel 2011(MAC).

GymScoreLite programs are 'Honour-ware'
and are free to download for evaluation.
If they are useful for your club's competition,
donations are appreciated to support future
developments. ($20-$25/session is common.)

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