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Praireland Exhibition Park
Apr 24-27     Saskatoon, SK

May 9-11   @ Gymtastiks
Moose Jaw
GymSask Info

SK Elite Trials & Mock Meet
Dec. 7, '13     Gym Adventure

Prairie Invitational
Jan 31-Feb 2     Gym Adventure

Marian Invitational
Feb 15-16     Marian

Sask. Winter Games
Feb 19-22     Prince Albert

Personal Best
Feb 28-Mar 1     Can-Am

QCK Invitational
Mar 14-16     QCK

Aerials Invitational
Apr 4-6     PA Aerials
Prince Albert

Springers Invitational
Apr 11-13     Springers


Apr 9-13     Richmond, BC

Meets in B.C. ...

2013 North Shore Invit. #2
Dec 14-15     Flicka Capilano Univ, North Vancouver

Jan 24-26   Aviva, Coquitlam

Cobweb Invitational
Jan 26   Okanagan Gym Centre

Omega Invitational
Jan 31-Feb 2   Coquitlam

Christy Fraser Memorial
Feb 14-16   Langley

Surrey Classic
Feb 28-Mar 2     Surrey
Surrey Gymnastics Society

BC Prov Champ.
Mar 14-16   Kamloops

Flip City Invit.
Mar 28-30   Flip City, Langley

Twisters Invit.
Apr 4-6   Twisters, Abbotsford

Ogopogo Invit.
May 31-June 1   Okanogan

Nat'ls 2014 logo

May 26-31     Carleton Univ.
Ottawa, Ont.

Meets in Alberta ...

Twist & Flip Invitational
Jan 10-12   West Wind   Lethbridge

Macho Meet
Jan 12   West Wind   Lethbridge

Winter Flip Invitational
Jan 11-12     St. Albert

Gym Power
Jan 24-26   Capital City   Edmonton

Exelta Cup - WAG
Jan 31-Feb 2   Exelta   Red Deer

Mardi Gras Invitational
Feb 14-16   Salto   Sherwood Park

Cactus Classic
Feb 21-23   Salta   Medicine Hat

WAG Southern Trials
Mar 14-16   Exelta   Red Deer

U of C International Cup
Mar 20-23     Univ. of Calgary

WAG Northern Trials
Mar 28-30   Ortona   Edmonton

AB Artistic Prov. Champ
Apr 11-13     Lethbridge

Summit Invitational
May 2-4   Illusions   Canmore

Western Canada Cup (T&T)
June 13-15     Calgary

Elite Canada 2014

MAG/WAG   Feb 6-9
Gatineau, QC

Meets in Manitoba ...

Snowflake Classic
Jan 17-19     Panthers

MB PowerSmart Games
Mar 3-5     Morden

Men's Prov. Champ.
Mar 9    
Winnipeg Gymnastics Centre

MB WAG Open Champ.
Crocus Invitational

Apr 5-6     Panthers


Meets in Ontario..

WAG/MAG Qualifiers
Results of completed meets

MAG Ont. Champ.
Apr 4-6   St. Clair College   Windsor

WAG Ont. Champ.
Apr 3-6   Windsor

Meets in Quebec..

 Gymnix 2014

23 Edition - WAG
Mar 6-9     Montréal, QC

Autre Résultats

Meets in the East...

Eastern Cdn Championships
Easterns 2014 logo

May 10-13   Oshawa, Ontario

Fundy Invit
Jan 31-Feb 2     Fundy Gym Club
Quispamsis, NB  

Taiso Cup
Feb 14-16   Lower Sackville, NS

Frosty Flip - PINK Invit
Feb 15-16   Campia, NL

Feb 22-23   ALTA, Halifax, NS

PE Classic
Feb 22-23     Island Gym Academy
Charlottetown, PEI

Nova Scotia Prov. Champ
Apr 4-6  Titans
Dartmouth, NS

P.E.I. Prov. Champ
Apr 5-6   Saultos

New Brunswick Prov. Champ
Apr 4-6   Beausejour Gymnos
Moncton, NB

Newfoundland Prov. Champ
Apr 11-13   Saltos
Corner Brook, NL

Atlantic Championships
Apr 25-26   Univ PEI, Charlottetown


Meets in SASK. ...

SK Artistic Prov. Champ.

Apr 19-21   Lloydminster

SK T&T Prov Champ.
May 4   Gym Adv, Regina
Photos from T&T Ch.

SK Rhythmic Prov Ch.
Apr 19   Wascana RGC, Regina


Springers Invitational
Apr 5-7   Yorkton

Taiso Men's Invit.
Apr 6   Saskatoon

Personal Best &
Trials for Westerns

Mar 23-24   WAG/T&T
Can-Am, Saskatoon

Gymtastiks Invitational
Mar 16-17   Moose Jaw

Under the Big Top
Mar 1-3   Prince Albert

Prairie Invitational
Feb 16-17   Gym Adv, Regina

Flippin' Fabulous 50th
Feb 2-3   Marian, Saskatoon

QCK Invitational
Jan 12-13   Regina

GymSask Trials (Picts)
Dec 15   Regina



May 2-5   MAG/WAG
Univ of MB, Winnipeg

Meets in MANITOBA ...

MB Open Championships
& Springers Invitational

Apr 13-14   Winnipeg

Keystone Kips Classic
Mar 1-2   Winnipeg

Fantastics Invitational
Feb 22-23   Winnipeg

Snowflake Classic
Jan 25-27   WAG
Panthers, Winnipeg


May 17-25   Carleton Univ.
Ottawa, Ont.

Meets in B. C. ...

Delta Invitational
May 10-12,   Delta

Aviva Cup / Zone 3 Ch.
Apr 27-28,   Coquitlam

BC Gym Championships
Apr 5-7,   Prince George

Twisters Invitational
Mar 21-24,   Abbotsford

Christy Fraser Memorial
Mar 8-10,   Langley

Surrey Classic &
Carol Lenz Memorial

Mar 1-3,   SGS, Surrey

Flip City Invitational
Feb 22-24,   Langley

North Shore Invitational
Feb 16-17,   Flicka; N. Vancouver

Omega Invitational
Feb 1-3,   Coquitlam


Feb 6-10   Sherwood Park, AB

Nat'l Stream Cup
Jan 25-27   Edmonton

Meets in ALBERTA ...

Hollywood Classic
May 10-12   Gymtastics, Calgary

Summit Invit.
May 3-5   Canmore

Mountain Magic Invit.
Apr 26-28   Okotoks

AB Provincial Ch.
Apr 18-21   U of A; Edmonton

AB Southern Zones
Apr 5-6   Red Deer

AB Northern Zones
Mar 22-24   Grand Prairie

Shewfelt Invitational
Mar 14-17   Univ of Calgary

Mardi Gras Madness
Mar 9-10   Sherwood Park

Ed Vincent Invitational
Mar 1-3   Altadore, Calgary

Cactus Classic
Feb 22-24   Salta; Medicine Hat

Sweetheart of a Meet
Feb 16-17   Dynamyx; St. Albert

Exelta Cup
Feb 1-3, 9-10   Medicine Hat

Gym Power Invitational
Jan 25-27   Capital City; Edmonton

Meets in ONTARIO ...

Reach for the Sky
May 31-June 2   WAG
Gemini Gym Club; Oshawa

25th Annual Burlington
Spring Cup

May 3-5; WAG

Ont Championships
Apr 4-7   WAG/MAG
Rose City, Univ of Windsor


Meets in QUEBEC ...

Championnats Québecois
19 au 21 avril   Viagym, Terrebonne

Qualification Provinciale
Finale Coupe Québec

5 au 7 avril   Université Laval

Gymnix Invitational
7 au 10 mars   Montréal

Meets in the East ...

Eastern Cdn Ch
May 10-11   St. John's, NL

Atlantic Champ
Apr 26-27   Sydney, NS

PEI Champ.
Apr 5-7   St. Louis Gymnos, PEI

Nova Scotia Champ
Apr 5-7   Amherst, NS

Newfoundland Prov. Champ
Apr 5-7   Saltos
Corner Brook, NL

New Brunswick Champ.
Apr 5-7   Fundy Gymnastics, NB

ALTAmate 2013
Feb 23-24   WAG/MAG
Alta Gym Club, Halifax, NS

Prince Edward Classic
Jan 25-27   WAG/MAG
Island Gymnastics,
Charlottetown, PEI

Harvest Classic
Nov 23-24   WAG/MAG
Island Gymnastics,
Charlottetown, PEI



Meets in SASK ...

SK Prov Champ

Apr 20-22,  WAG/MAG/RG/T&T
GymSask & Yorkton Springers

MAG Trials
Apr 1   Taiso, Saskatoon

Lights, Camera, Action
Mar 30-Apr 1
Aerials, Prince Albert

Springers Invit.
Mar 23-25   WAG
Springers, Yorkton

Personal Best
Mar 16-18   WAG
Can-Am, Saskatoon

Gymtastiks Invit.
Mar 10-11  
Gymtastiks, Moose Jaw

QCKGC Invit.
Mar 2-4   WAG/MAG
QCKGC, Regina

Giant Freeze
Feb 25-26   WAG
Marian, Saskatoon

Prairie Invit.
Feb 10-12   WAG
Gym Adventure, Regina

SK WAG Trials (Photos)
Dec 18   Gym Adv, Regina


Westerns '12

May 3-6   Langley, BC

Meets in BC ...

BC Prov Champ
April 13-15,   Langley, BC
Host: GymBC & Flicka

Twisters Invit'l
Mar 22-24,   Twisters, Abbotsford

Wild West Fest
Mar 16-18,   Kamloops, BC

Mt. Arrowsmith Invit.
Mar 16-18, Port Alberni

Surrey Classic &
Carol Lenz Memorial

Mar 2-4,   SGS, Surrey

Feb 24-25,   Vernon

Omega Invitational
Feb 3-4,   Omega, Coquitlam

Jan 27-29   Club Aviva, Coquitlam


WAG / MAG / RG / T&T
Regina, SK     May 20-27

Meets in MANITOBA ...

MB Prov Champ
& Crocus Invitational

Apr 13-15, WAG
Host: Panthers, Winnipeg

MB Men's Champ.
Mar 11, Winnipeg

SnowFlake Classic
Jan 20-22, Panthers, Winnipeg


Meets in ALBERTA ...

AB Prov Champ
Apr 20-22   MAG & WAG
Edmonton GO Centre

Macho Meet
June 3   MAG
West Wind, Lethbridge

Summit Invitational
May 4-6   WAG & MAG
Canmore Illusions

2012 Kyle Shewfelt
G Y M     F E S T

March 22-25,   U. of Calgary

Mardi Gras Madness
Feb 17-19   Sherwood Park

AB Northern Zones
Mar 17-18   WAG, St. Albert

Sweetheart of A Meet
Feb 25   Dynamyx, St. Albert

Cactus Classic
Feb 24-26   Salta, Medicine Hat

Alberta Winter Games
Feb 9-12   Aerials, Spruce Grove

Exelta Cup
Feb 3-4, 11-12   Exelta, Red Deer

Twist & Flip
Jan 21-22   West Wind, Lethbridge

Gym Power
Jan 20-22   Capital City, Edmonton


Elite Canada 2012
MAG/WAG   Feb. 16-19
Hershey Sports Zone
Mississauga, Ont.

Meets in ONTARIO ...

ONT Prov Champ
Apr 19-22   MAG & WAG
Corona, Ottawa

Reach For The Sky
June 8   Gemini, Oshawa

'Beach Party' &
2nd Prov Qual.

Jan 20-22   Gemini, Oshawa

Milton Invit. & Prov Qual.
Jan 28-29   Milton Springers

National Stream Cup
Jan 27-29   Futures


Olympic Results (FIG)

June 26-28   Unigym, Gatineau


May 10-13,   Lévis, QC
Host: Gymnamic Gym Club
Results   Photos

QC Prov Champ
Apr 27-29
Unigym, Gatineau

Gymnix Invit.

March 8-11   WAG
Montreal, QC

Atlantics '12
April 20-21,   St. John's, NL
Host: Cambia Gym Club

PEI Classic '12
Jan 27-29,   Island Gymnastics Academy
Charlottetown, PEI

Feb 25-26   Alta Gym Club
Halifax, NS



SK Prov. Ch. '11

May 13-15   Aerials, Prince Albert

MAG Trials to WCSG
June 25   Taiso, Saskatoon

GymnastiFest 2011
June 23   Regina

QCK Invitational
Apr 15-17   QCK, Regina

MAG Trials for Westerns
& Nationals

Apr 10, Taiso, Saskatoon

PA Aerials Invitational
Mar 19-20   Aerials, Prince Albert

Personal Best
Mar 11-13   Can-Am, Saskatoon

Prairie Invititational
Feb 25-27   Gym Adv., Regina

Texas Tumble
Jan 29-30   Marian, Saskatoon

CWG Trials (WAG)-Photos
Jan 9   Marian, Saskatoon

CWG Trials #2 (MAG)
Jan 8   Sky High, Regina



Westerns '11

Apr 28-30, Gymniks
Grande Prairie, AB

Meets in BC ...

Western Cdn Games

WAG/MAG   Aug. 10-14
Kamloops, BC

29th Garden City Invit.
May 13-15   Victoria/North Sanich

BC Championships
Apr. 8-10   Langley

Twisters Invitational
Mar 24-27   Abbotsford

Mt. Arrowsmith Invitational
Mar 11-13   Port Alberni

Surrey Classic &
Carol Lenz Memorial

Mar 4-6   Surrey

Omega Invitational
Feb 5-6   Omega, Coquitlam


Nationals '11

WAG/MAG/T&T   May 23-28
Charlottetown   Univ of PEI

Meets in Manitoba ...

MB Opens (WAG)
Mar 19-20   Eagles, Brandon

Super Meet
Feb 4-6   Springers, Winnipeg

SnowFlake Classic
Jan 21-23   Panthers, Winnipeg

Meets in Ontario...

Ont WAG Champ. #2
Apr 15-17   Rose City

ASF Red & White Invit.
Mar. 5-6   ASF, Richmond Hill


Meets in Alberta ...

Hollywood Stars Classic
May 13-15   Gymtastics, Calgary

Summit Invitational
May 6-8   Illusions, Canmore

Magic Mountain Invitational
Apr 29-May 1   Mountain Shadows, Okotoks

AB Championships
Apr. 15-17   Univ. of Lethbridge

AB WAG Southern Zones
Apr. 2-3   Medicine Hat

Kyle Shewfelt Festival

March 25 - 27, U. of Calgary
(Formerly Jurassic Classic)
Results, Photos & Links

Wild Rose '11

March 24-28   Edmonton

WAG Northern Zones &
Trials to Westerns

Mar 18-20   Jasper

Cactus Classic
Feb 25-27   Salta, Medicine Hat

Sweet Heart of a Meet
Feb 12   Dynamyx, St. Albert

Exelta Cup
Feb 4-6, 12   Exelta, Red Deer

Gymnastics On The Edge
Jan 28-30   Airdrie Edge, Airdrie

Gym Power
Jan 28-30   Capital City, Edmonton


MAG Elite Canada '11

March 17-19   Brampton, ON

Gymnix Classic/
International '11

Mar 10-13   Montreal, QC


Canada Winter Games 2011

Halifax, NS
MAG/WAG   Feb 11-18, '11

Easterns 2011
May 6-8,   Halifax, NS

Atlantics 2011
April 29-30,   Moncton, NB
Results:   MEN   WOMEN

Island Classic
Charlottetown, PEI
Jan 28-30   WAG/MAG



SK Prov. Ch. '10

WAG/MAG; Hosted by QCKGC
@ Callie Curling Club, Regina
May 14-16

CWG Trials #1 (MAG)
Taiso, Saskatoon   Dec 11

P.A Aerials Invit.
Prince Albert   WAG/T&T
Feb. 5-7

Sask. Winter Games
Moose Jaw   M/W/T/R
Feb. 17-20

Marian Invit.
Saskatoon   WAG
Feb 27-28

Twisters Invit.
Tisdale   WAG
Mar. 26-28

Gym Adv. Invit.
Regina   WAG
Mar. 26-28

SK Men's Trials
for Westerns

Taiso, Saskatoon
Mar. 28

Springers Invitational
Yorkton   WAG
Apr 10-11

Can-Am Invit.
Saskatoon   WAG
Apr. 16-18

QCK Invit.
Regina   WAG/MAG
Apr. 23-25


Westerns '10

Apr. 29-May 2
@ Callie Curling Club
Regina, SK

SnowFlake Classic
Panthers, Winnipeg, MB
WAG   Jan 23-24

MB Prov./Crocus Invit.
Panthers, Winnipeg
WAG     Mar 19-21

MB Prov. Stream Ch.
Brandon Eagles
WAG     June 5

Gymnaestrada '10
June 30-July 4
Winnipeg, MB


Nationals '10

mag / wag / t&t
May 24-30, '10
Kamloops, BC

Surrey Classic &
Carol Lenz Memorial

Surrey, BC
WAG/MAG   Mar 12-14

Twisters Invitational
Abbotsford, BC
WAG/MAG   Mar 19-21

BC Prov. Ch.
Langley(WAG/MAG)   &
Douglas College (T&T)
Apr 9-11

Delta Invitational
Delta, BC   May 7-9

Ogopogo Invit.
Kelowna, BC   June 4-6


Jurassic Classic
U of C, Calgary AB   Mar 18-21

Wild Rose '10

WAG   Edmonton   Apr 2-4
Videos at

AB Prov. Champ.
Hosted by Dynamix Gym Club
St. Albert     Apr 16-18
MAG Results
WAG Results

ON WAG Champ.
Apr 23-25   St. Catherines

ON MAG Champ.
Apr 30-May 2   Burlington

Spring Cup
Burlington,ON   May 4-15


WAG Elite Canada '10
Host: OmniGym
Gatineau, QC
Dec. 10-12

MAG Elite Canada '10
Gatineau(Aylmer), QC
Feb. 26-28

Gymnix Classic/
International '10

WAG     March 4-7, '10
Montreal, QC
Photos by Grace Chiu
Videos by Chris Scott

QC GAM Champ.

QC GAW Champ.


Easterns '10
WAG/MAG     May 6-8
Gym Mississauga
@ Hershey Centre

Atlantics '10
WAG/MAG     Apr 23-24
Island Gym Academy, PEI

Prince Edward Classic
Island Gymnastics
Charlottetown, PEI
WAG/MAG   Jan. 29-31

PEI Prov Ch.
Island Gymnastics
Charlottetown, PEI
WAG/MAG   Mar 28

NS Prov. Ch.
Taiso Gymnastics Centre
Lower Sackville, NS
WAG/MAG   Mar 26-28

NB Prov. Ch.
Beausejour Gymnos
Moncton, NS
Apr 9-11



SK Prov. Ch. '09

WAG/MAG - Regina
May 22-24

Marian Fiesta Flip '09
WAG - Saskatoon
Feb 6-8

Gym Adv Invit '09
WAG - Regina  
Feb 13-15

Can-Am Pers. Best '09
WAG - Saskatoon
Mar 6-8

PA Aerials Invit '09
WAG/MAG - Prince Albert
Mar 27-29

QCK Invit. '09
WAG/MAG - Regina
April 17-19



Westerns '09

Apr 30 - May 3
Winnipeg, MB

Easterns '09

May 8 - May 9
St. John's, NL
Results:   MAG   WAG

MB Prov'l Stream Championships
May 25, Brandon Eagles

MB Regional Stream Championships
Panthers, Winnipeg
Apr 3 - 5

Snowflake Classic
Panthers, Winnipeg
Jan 23-25


Nationals '09

Hamilton, ON
May 31 - June 7

Gymnix 2009

Montreal   March 5-8
Results - World Cup '09
Results - Gymnix Classic
Pictures by Grace C.
Videos by DanaFan


Wild Rose 2009

Edmonton, AB
Apr 2-5

Gymtastics Stars Classic
Calgary, AB
Mar 6-8
Video by Rick McC.

Mardi Gras Madness
Salto/Sherwood Park, AB
Mar 6-8

AB Provincials
Brooks, AB
Apr. 17 - 19
Results:   WAG   MAG

Jurassic Classic
U of C, Calgary
Mar 12-15
Results:   MAG   WAG

Calgary Classic
Stampede City, Calgary, AB
May 8-10

Mountain Magic Invit.
Okotoks, AB
May 16-17


WAG Elite Canada

Oakville Gym Club, ON
Dec. 11-13, '09

MAG Elite Canada

Surrey, BC
Feb. 24-26, '09

Surrey Invit
Surrey, BC
Feb 27-Mar 1
Photos: Surrey & EC

Twisters Invit'l
Abbotsford, BC
Mar 12-15

BC Provincials
Langley, BC
Apr 17-19

Ont 3rd MAG Trials
Burlington BG's
Mar 6-8





SK Prov. Ch. '08
Prince Albert
Apr. 18-20

  Aerials Invit.'08
Prince Albert
Apr. 4-6
Results:   MAG   WAG

Marian Invit.'08
Mar 8-9

QCK Invit. '08
Feb. 2-3


Westerns '08
Prince George, BC
May 1-4

Easterns '08
Longueuil, QC
May 9-11
Results:   MAG   WAG


Nationals '08

Calgary, AB
June 2-7

MAG Trials #1 & 2
Edmonton, AB
June 19-21

MAG Trials #3 & 4
Calgary, AB
July 5-7


Jurassic Classic
Calgary, AB
Mar 14-16

Twisters Invit.'08
Abbotsford, BC
Mar 28-30
Results:   MAG   WAG


WAG Elite Canada

Gatineau, QC
Dec. 11-14, '08


2008 Olympics
Beijing, China
General Info
Gymnastics Info



Sask Prov Ch '07
Gym Adv - Regina
April 27-29

Gym. Adv. Invit.
Gymnastics Adventure
Feb. 9-11

Marian Invitational
Mar 17-18

QCK Invitational
Mar 23-25


Westerns '07
Edmonton, AB
April 13-14

Easterns '07
St. John, NB
May 4-5
Results:  MAG  WAG


Nationals '07
MAG / WAG / T&T / RG
Regina, SK
May 22-26
Thank you to our
560+ volunteers!
See you again in 2012!


Canada Games '07
Whitehorse, YK
Mar. 4-10

  Jurassic Classic
Calgary, AB
Jan. 25-28


Elite Canada '07
Dec. 12-16, '07
Abbotsford, BC


Pan Am Games '07
July   Rio, Brazil



Sask. Prov. '06
Regina - Gym Adv
Apr 28-30

Club Meets...
QCK Invit   Feb 3-5
Can-Am   Feb 11-12
Marian   Feb 25-26
Gymtastiks   Mar 4-5
Gym Adv   Mar 10-12
Men's Trials   Mar 12


Saskatoon, SK
Apr 6-8

Easterns '06
Hamilton, ON
May 5-6
Results:   MAG   WAG


Nationals '06
M / W / T&T
Québec City, QC
May 14-21


Jr. Pan-Am
Men & Women
Gatineau, QC
Aug 22-28

Jurassic Classic
Calgary, AB
Feb 9-12


Elite Canada '06 (WAG)
Toronto, ON
Dec 7-10

Elite Canada '06 (MAG)
U of C, Calgary, AB
Dec 8-10





Sask Prov Ch '05
Moose Jaw
Apr 29-May 1

SK WAG Trials
for Elite Canada
Regina, Nov 11


Winnipeg, MB
Apr 21-24

Easterns '05
Charlottetown, PEI
May 6-7 


Nationals '05
Vancouver, BC
May 23 - June 1


Jurassic Classic
Calgary, AB
Mar 17-20


Elite Canada '05
Men & Women
Gatineau, QC
Dec 7-11






Sk Prov Ch '04
Humboldt, SK
Apr 30-May 2


Westerns '04
Whitehorse, YK
Apr. 15-18

Easterns '04
Laval, QC
May 7-9


Nationals '04
Mississauga, ON
May 31-June 6


Jurassic Classic
Calgary, AB
Mar. 12-14

Twisters Invit
Abbotsford, BC
Mar. 18-21<


Elite Canada '04
Men & Women
Mt. Royal College   Calgary
Dec. 8-12, '04


Cdn Olympic Trial
July 2004



SK Prov Ch '03
May 2-4


Westerns '03
Langley, BC
April 25-27


Nationals '03
Saskatoon, SK
May 18-25


Canada Games '03
Bathurst-Campbellton, NB
March 2-7


Elite Canada '03
Mississauga,ON   Dec 3-7
Calgary, AB   Dec 3-6


Western Canada Summer Games
Beausejour, MB
Aug. 1-4



Sk Prov Ch '02
Prince Albert
May 3-5


Westerns '02
Calgary, AB
April 18-20


Nationals '02
Winniipeg, MB
May 20-25


Vancouver, BC
May 3-5


Elite Canada '02
Gatineau, QC   Dec 5-8
Montreal, QC   Nov 1-3





SK Prov Ch '01
May 4-6


Westerns '01
Regina, SK
April 19-22


Nationals '01
Saint John, NB
May 21-26




Elite Canada'01
Nov 29 - Dec 2
Women       Men
Seneca      U of C






SK Prov Ch '00


Westerns '00
Winnipeg, MB


Nationals '00
Montreal, QC




Elite Canada '00
Women      Men
 Winnipeg     Calgary


Olympic Trials-WAG '00
Toronto, ON



Sk Prov Ch '99
Prince Albert


Westerns '99
Calgary, AB


Nationals '99
Burnaby, BC


Canada Games '99
Corner Brook, NF


PanAm Games '99
Winnipeg, MB


Western Canada Summer Games '99
Prince Albert, SK



Sask Prov Ch '98


Westerns '98
Vancouver, BC


Nationals '98
Hamilton, ON


Sagit World Cup Vancouver, BC

Pacific Alliance '98
Winnipeg, MB





Sask Prov Ch '97


Westerns '97
Saskatoon, SK


Nationals '97
Ottawa, ON






Sask Prov Ch '96


Westerns '96
Vancouver, BC


Nationals '96
Sault Ste. Marie, ON






Sask Prov Ch '95


Westerns '95
Winnipeg, MB


Nationals '95
Vancouver, BC


Canada Games '95
Grande Prairie, AB



Western Canada Summer Games '95
Abbotsford, BC



Sask Prov Ch '94


Westerns '94
Grande Prairie, AB


Nationals '94
Charlottetown, PEI






Sask Prov Ch '93


Westerns '93
Regina, SK


Nationals '93
Calgary, AB






Sask Prov Ch '92


Westerns '92
Winnipeg, MB


Nationals '92
Quebec, QC






Sask Prov Ch '91


Westerns '91
Delta, BC


Nationals '91
Saskatoon, SK


Canada Games '91
Charlottetown, PEI



Western Canada Summer Games '91
Winnipeg, MB


Not all results from past years are available yet.
More will be added hopefully as time permits.


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Stu Cram

in return for all that gymnastics did for me

86 Norwood Crescent
Regina, Sask.     Canada
S4R  0A1


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