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GymScoreLite '14/'15

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GymScoreLite programs are 'Honor-ware'
They are free to download and evaluate. However,
If you find them useful for your club's gymnastics meet,
donations are appreciated to support future developments.

Requires Excel 2010(WIN) or Excel 2011(MAC).

For Women's Artistic Gymnastics
(for 2015 season, version 2C: Dec 15, 2014)
Includes Junior Olympic scoring &
"Getting Started..." user's guide



GymScoreLite MAG 2014
 FOR MEN ( 2013/14 season   Updated: Jan. 17, 2014)
Note: Canadian MAG system now includes a PHYSICAL ABILITY component (Level 4 & up).

User's Guide for WAG & MAG programs
 USER'S GUIDE - 2013/14 Season - Updated: July '13)



GymScoreLite-RG for Basic Rhythmic Gymnastics (2014)
Quick Start Guide for GSL-RG
( Feedback and comments are welcomed. )

TrampScore' for simple T&T meets


About GymScoreLite 2014 ...
Results of MAG & WAG Gymnastic Meets

Works with MAC & WIN using Excel 2010 or later.

Great for most typical club gymnastic meets...

Produces judging sheets, program inserts, competition orders, & of course all around, event, & team results.
- Parent friendly, easy to use
- inepensive, needs just one computer
- Compact, easy to read results
- Convenient sorting and calculations, etc
- AA summary and event winner reports, showing ranks
- Optional columns for year of birth and city of gymnasts
- Both (D/E) codes or SV for compulsories or JO

- Shortcuts for setting up rotations and other pages
- Automatically prepare results sheets for each category
- auto generate lists for teams
- 2 methods for ties (skip or don't skip ranks)
- Team calculations for best N scores per event
(Up to 24 teams with up to 16 gymnasts per team)
- Awards for reaching achievement levels

- Extra groups for Byes with large sessions
- Up to 15 gymnasts per group
- Font-independant large display numbers for IDs

MAG program includes new GCG Physical Abilty scoring for AA

Other Software for Meet Scoring, Coaching & Judging Aids, and Club Management"