Printing Results

Select one of the Score Summaries in Report menu: AA, EVENT or TEAM.
Then select options for category, level(s), and event(s) to show.

Each mark includes the start value, the score itself, and the rank
- Ties are indicated with a 'T' following the rank.
- Start values are optional; if included, the total start value is calculated too.
- Scores are printed a little larger than ranks and start values for emphasis.
- Events are shown with an icon and abbreviation, in FIG order.

Special Option:  Result summaries can be sent to any of 4 destinations:


Print results on paper. Occasionally, you may wish to reduce to get more on a page.


Provides a quick look at results or a print preview.

TEXT file

Creates 'tab-delimeted' file which can then be imported into Excel or other spreadsheets.

HTML file

Creates a file of results for inclusion on your web site.