Entering Scores

During the meet, the score sheets are returned after each rotation;
this data has to be entered into the GymScore 2000 data base.

GymScore makes this easy to do while checking for invalid scores too.


1. Select the desired category, level and event from the popup menus.

  • The last used choices will reappear each time by default.


2.  Enter the data - use the number pad for speedy work  (Press Enter after each item)

  • Enter a competitor's number first; the gymnast's name is shown as a check.
  • Then enter the start value and score.
  • This information is recorded in an audit trail as a record of your work


3. When finished entering the group of scores ...

  • Proofread the audit list against the original page.
  • If needed, erase lines with mistakes and reenter.


4.  Repeat this for other score sheets as they come in. That's all.


 see sample of score entry window