Setting Up a Meet

"Preparation is the key for success"

Start a week or so before the competition to set up your files.

GymScore 2000 guides you though all stages of a meet from setup & preparation, to entering scores and printing results. It avoid any retyping any data and automatically saves it all.

Extra checks are made to prevent errors such as duplicate competitor numbers, invalid combinations of options, or invalid scores.

Changes, when needed, are easy; you can change, add or delete items at any time.
(Doesn't someone always want the spelling of their name corrected, even though it's exactly as shown on the entry form?)

Follow these steps to prepare for tabulating results at your meet.


1 - Setup Headings:  see sample

  • Define the name, date, host and location of the meet.
    • This will appear at the top of each report.
  • List your sponsors or other credits
    • these appear at the bottom of reports.


2 - Setup Categories:  see sample

  • Define the characteristics of each category in the meet:
    • name, male or female
    • team sizes: up to 10, # scores to count
    • event & competition level names (Use English or French defaults or your own)
  • GymScore allows lots of flexibility in ways to calculate scores.
    • 1, 2, or 3 levels;  (Comp./Opt'l./Finals or trial 1, 2 & 3; etc.)
    • Combined scores:  added or weighted by %
    • Team score:  up to 10 per team; any # of scores to count;
      - use best scores in each event or just best AA
    • AA score:  usually all events are added together
      but this can be a few required events plus best of the the others


3 - Setup Clubs:  see sample

  • Define the names and abbreviations of clubs to use.
  • Optionally, list the coaches and contact information for the clubs
    - This may be of use by media or yourself next year.
  • The Reports menu lets you print a list of the clubs for reference


4 - Setup Gymnasts:  see sample

  • Enter the # and name for each gymnast. They can be numbered automatically.
  • The category and club are selected from popup menus
    - typing is reduced to a minimum and corrections are very easy to make.
  • The Reports menu lets you print a list of the gymnasts for reference


5 - Setup Teams:  see sample

  • When there are teams in a category, define who is on each team.
  • GymScore simplifies this by listing all gymnasts in the category;
    - you just click on the members in each team to select them.
  • Should someone be injured or ill, replacements are done just as easily.
  • The Reports menu lets you print a list of the teams for reference