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icon_vault   Vault
  - Springing over the vault table, doing handsprings, saltos and/or twists with height, flight and a 'stuck' landing

icon_UnevenBars   Uneven Bars
  - Swinging around and transferring between the bars in various positions and directions.

icon_Beam   Balance Beam
  - Leaps, turns, tumbling and dance all done on a beam only 4" wide

icon_Floor   Floor Exercise
  - Dancing and dynamic tumbling passes merge all over the 40' square area

  Scoring Notes
  - Each routine is given 2 values, one for difficulty (D) and the other, out of 10, for execution (E). They are added together to get the final score. For vaulting, the gymnast does 2 vaults with the better one counting. All around awards are based on the total of the four events.