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icon_floor   Floor Exercise
  - Powerful tumbling merges with elements of strength, agility & balance over 40' square area

icon_pommels   Pommel Horse
  - Swinging in horizontal circles & turns around the parts of the horse known as 'the beast'

icon_rings   Rings
  - Upper body strength is utilised is held positions alternating with swings & handstands

icon_vault   Vault
  - Springing over the vault table, doing handsprings, saltos and/or twists with height, flight and a 'stuck' landing

icon_ParBars   Parallel Bars
  - Swings, turns, releases above & below the bars, plus handstands on the 2 rails

icon_HorzBar   Horizontal Bar
  - Height & flight are evident in a variety of giant swings & release/recatch moves.

  Scoring Notes
  - Each routine for level 3 and upward is given 2 values, one for difficulty (D) and the other, out of 10, for execution (E). They are added together to get the final score. For men's vaulting, gymnasts do only one vault, unlike the women who get 2 tries. All around awards are based on the total of the six events.
  - Gymnasts at Levels 1 and 2 perform compulsory routines that focus on developmental skills. As such they get only an execution score out of 10 points if all skills are done; if some are omitted their start value (SV) will be less than 10.